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We ship our Siberian cats
and Siberian kittens to:
Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth,
Austin, San Antonio, Texas,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Fresno, Long Beach, San
Diego, Sacramento, San Jose,
Oakland, California
New York City, NYC
The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
Staten Island, Manhattan
Washington, D.C.,
Maryland, Rhode Island,
Delaware, Connecticut,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts,
New Jersey, Delaware,
Alabama, Georgia, Kansas,
New Mexico, Arizona,
Cincinitti, Columbus, Ohio,
Indiana, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Missouri, Mississippi,
Chicago, Illinois,
Las Vegas, Nevada,
Detroit, Michigan,


Here you can view some of our precious Siberian kittens. All our kittens come with a 2 year health guarantee. They are FeLV, FIV and ringworm negative and they are age-appropriately vaccinated. Every kitten is completely examined and thoroughly checked by our veterinarians before they are free to jump into your arms.

To see available kittens as well as current and previous litters, please "click" on the PictureTrail link to view our albums!

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All our Siberian kittens are sold as pets and come with a spay/neuter agreement. Whether they are a Silver Angel or a Golden Angel, show quality, or pet, we do not change our prices or charge more for a certain color just because some may classify them as “rare”. A non-refundable deposit is required for your name to be placed on our waiting list, which of course will be applied to the price of your kitten.

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This price does not include any traveling, pet transfers, flights, carriers, or airline paperwork expenses. These charges are extra and, along with the balance, must be paid in full prior to our shipping your kitten. All prices are in U.S. dollars, and all payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Our Siberian kittens are ready to fly into the world at their time, not ours. Angel training does not happen overnight, and climbing clouds takes a while. So they are usually ready in about 10 to 12 weeks to wrap you in their wings.

If you would like to have your name placed on our waiting list, please call or e-mail us and we will gladly send you our inquiry form.

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Picking up your Siberian kitten is not a problem. That's a short leap which requires only a litle flutter of their wings. For a longer distance, they will need the help of a commercial airline. I know many people are apprehensive about transporting a kitten by air. No need to worry about that. Studies have been done with cameras in the cargo compartments when animals have been transported. These areas are comfortable, temperature controlled, and it has been found that in most cases, the animals sleep throughout long flights. At 1 Above Siberian Cats, we ensure that our kittens travel in roomy carriers, with their own blankets, litter boxes, food and water.

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The airlines that do cater to animal transport have outstanding facilities at each end. These airlines make special transfer provisions to and from the plane and all animals are well cared for. We do not use one specific airline, but Continental, Northwest/KLM, Delta amd United are just some that provide excellent service. We do not profit from the flights and will gladly call for travel estimates. The cost of flights can vary greatly depending on the market price of fuel – and we all know how that goes! Therefore, you can expect and additional $160.00 to $250.00 for flights within the Continental U.S. Carriers, paperwork, travel expense to and from the airport are also a little extra above flight costs.
Telephone: 845-647-4742

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